Privacy Policy


In this Privacy Policy, you will find all relevant information applicable to our use of our users' and customers' personal data, regardless of the channel or means (online or in person) that you use to interact with us.

If you would like information about how we use cookies and similar devices that may be installed on the terminals of our customers and users, we recommend you consult the Cookies Policy.

We are transparent about what we do with your personal data, for you to understand the implications of the way in which we use your data, and the rights you are entitled to in relation to your data:

  • We permanently make available for you all the information included in this Privacy Policy, that you can check when you consider appropriate, and in addition,

  • you will also find further information on each processing operation of your data as you interact with us.

These are some names we use in this Privacy Policy:

  • When we speak about our Platform, we refer, in general, to any of the channels or means, digital or in person, you may have used to interact with us. The main ones are:
  1. Our Website.
  2. In person, in our Showroom.
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